The Facebook Ad Method

That Marketing Pro's Are Using

To Cut Advertising Cost By 50%...

"Quadruple your conversions with laser targeted highly relevant ads that are ONLY seen by people who have already visited your website!"


Did you know that you can create ads on Facebook that are ONLY for people who have visited your website AND expressed interest in your offer?


But did you know that you can segment your website audience AND market to them in all kinds of creative ways that are PROVEN TO INSTANTLY CREATE MORE SALES?

How about unique "Special Offer" ads that are served ONLY to your website visitors who have viewed a particular page or blog post.  OR clicked on a specific product or service?

"What about all of those people that made it to your ORDER PAGE but never completed the order?"

Fact! More than 80% of online shoppers will abandon the cart before making a purchase!  And fewer than 5% will return on their own to complete their order.

It's painful to IMAGINE just how much business has been lost from all of the people that get distracted during the order process, click away from your website and then forget about you.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is now a FULL PROOF METHOD to stay connected to any active Facebook User who visits your website, that will allow you to jump right back in to the sales conversation right where they dropped off when they left your website.

What you are about to discover could be the most important leap forward in your business this year.  So Keep Reading...

Greetings! Jesse Jameson here...

I'm about to share with you some of the strategies that the big kids are using RIGHT NOW to instantly boost ALL of their marketing efforts from Zero to Hero!   But first the formalities...

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

I've began marketing online 15 years ago.  Several years ago I decided to focused exclusively Facebook marketing.​  The ​clients that I serve come in all sizes...  From Fortune 500 companies, to large retail apparel chains, tech startups, best selling authors, and many unique sellers of online goods & services, in a wide variety of markets.​  In the past year alone I've managed well over a million dollars in ad spend on Facebook.

Out of all of my Facebook marketing efforts, one thing has become abundantly clear...  There is one advertising strategy that is hands-down A MUST for every business that has a website.​

Website Audience Retargeting on Facebook​!

Facebook is a powerful platform for retargeting your website audience.  Why?

Because MOST of the visitors to your website spend A LOT of time on Facebook.  They are there connecting and sharing with their friends and family.  By placing ads in their website newsfeed that are related to their most recent visit to your website, you can pick right up where you left off in the sales conversation.  This gives you a MUCH greater chance of completing the sale.

"Retargeting can dramatically reduce your overall advertising costs and make every ad dollar 3 to 5 times more effective!" 

Businesses both large and small are using Facebook to reconnect with their website visitors, AND they are doing it in clever ways.  Retargeting reduces overall advertising cost while increasing sales conversions.

If the concept of retargeting your website visitors on Facebook is unfamiliar to you, here's how it works...

Curious about how effective it can be?

Recently one of my clients had a spring sale on a digital product that normally sells for $497. They were offering a $200 discount.  They sent an email to their newsletter subscribers.  Because their website was setup to retarget visitors, they were able to place a very specific ad in the Facebook newsfeed of only those people that had been to the order page of their website for the spring offer that did not purchase.

What was the result of that one ad?  Well since it was highly targeted it was only seen by 60 people that had abandon the order page without completing the order.  The ad was visible in their newsfeed an average of 10 times each.​

​Cost of that one ad? $3.82  Number of clicks? 4  Cost per click? .96 Cents

Number of sales produced by the ad? 4  Dollar amount of each sale? $297  Total Revenue? $1188

Why was this ad so effective?  How did a $3.82 ad produce $1188 in sales?  The answer is simple...

The ad ONLY targeted people who had already seen the offer, but did not completed their order.  Most people don't. That's just a natural fact of doing business online. 

Want to see what online shopping cart abandonment looks like on a grand scale?  

Here is a Google Analytics screenshot from one of my clients that did right around $100 Million online last year.

You can see that...  Of the 3.1M shopping cart sessions, 75% dropped off before choosing a shipping option. 27% of those dropped off before the shipping rate was shown.  26% of those dropped off before the the billing page.  And 22% of those dropped off before completing their transaction.  

Imagine how much money my client would be leaving on the table if they did not retarget these visitors to their website that were so close to making a purchase.

"There are many reasons why a person clicks away from a website."  

It's not always due to lack of interest.  Distractions can be as simple as a a phone call, a knock at the door, a baby crying, or a dog barking.  

Once they click away there is a good chance that they will never be back.  Not without a friendly reminder in the form of a creative ad, strategically placed in their Facebook Newsfeed. 

Are you beginning to see the power of retargeting? 

What kind of website audiences can you retarget on Facebook?

There are endless ways that you can craft a precise message with your advertising by creating retargeting ads for the visitors to your website that have...

    1. Ordered a certain product, or combination of products, you can advertise a coupon code for a similar product or service.
    2. Searched for a specific word, you can create an ad with more information about their search term.
    3. Not been back to your website in a specific amount of time, you can create an ad designed to re-engage them.
    4. Reached a confirmation or thank you page such as a newsletter subscription page, survey completion page, or even an order page, you can create an ad that simple says "Thank You" for your business. I bet none of your competitors are doing that.

Just a few examples of the MANY ways to get creative!

"The true power of Website Audience Retargeting on Facebook is in creating audience segments based on the behavior of your website visitors."

There is no better way to personalize your marketing effort than to continue the marketing conversation with your prospect based on how they behaved while on your website.

You Can Be Retargeting Your Own Website Audience Today with Three Easy Steps!​

Step 1 - Get Your Facebook Tracking Code

Step 2 - Get It Installed On Your Website

Step 3 -  Create Audience Segments to Target with Ads

However... Should You Attempt It On Your Own? Or Seek Guidance? 

​The answer depends on your current comfort level with Facebook advertising.  You will find plenty of ideas here on this page that you might not have considered.  Getting started is fairly easy. And you can learn as you go.  However...

If you are someone that understands the value of your time​, and you want to leverage the experience and knowledge of someone that is producing consistent results for clients both large and small, in a wide variety of markets, then I have something for you.  In addition to running a boutique agency, I also have a publishing company that provides training products to marketing professionals.  

​Whenever I create a new product I make it available to a private Facebook group of marketing professionals that are a part of my monthly coaching program.  I do this for their feedback.  This helps me to find any stop gaps that might prevent someone from fully utilizing the training content.  The end result is a training course that I can guarantee will be easy to understand, simple to implement, and very effective.

You are less than 24 hours away from a quantum leap in your advertising...

Immediate Digital Access!

The step-by-step guide to Website Audience Retargeting on Facebook.

If you have a website that offers a product or service... YOU NEED THIS COURSE!  

You are only $98 (and a few hours of your time) away from being able to...

Turbo charge your marketing and launch it light years ahead of your competition!


    MODULE #1

    What is Website Audience Retargeting?  How does it work?  And why is it important to your business.  This first module gives you a high-level overview of retargeting and prepares you for the lessons to come.



This is where I help you get set up.  First we walk through getting your Facebook tracking code.  Then I show you a couple of ways that you can install it on your website (depending upon your needs). And in the 3rd lesson of this module I show you how to confirm that everything is working correctly.  Once everything is good to go I show you a cool tool that will allow you to spy on your competition to see if they are setup for audience retargeting on Facebook.



This the where I explain the 7 audience segment "bucket" types and how to use them.  Next we'll take a tour of a variety of websites on the internet in different markets. I going to show you how the bucket types apply to these different pages of the sites.

Once everything is good to go I show you a cool tool that will allow you to spy on your competition to see if they are setup for audience retargeting on Facebook.​

Now it's time to do a complete walk-thru of the Facebook Audience Manager.

Next We discuss how to use the audience rules to map out segments for your website.

And Finally we dig and I show you how to create all of the 7 audience segment "bucket" types in the Facebook​ Audience Manager for your website.



Curious what to do if you have multiple websites that you want to retarget?  In this module I show you how to know if you need a Facebook Business account, and if so; how to create one and add additional ad accounts for your websites.



Creating Lookalike Audiences: This is where you get Facebook to do the heavy lifting for you. Once your website audience has at least 100 visitors to your website, Facebook will find other Facebook Users that closely resemble your audience. This means that you can begin to seek out brand new visitors to your website.



Facebook Audience Insights: Did you know that Facebook can provide you with all kind of marketing data on the people that visit your website? We should you have to navigate the Facebook Audience Insights tool.



Targeting Your Audiences with Facebook Ads: Here is were we put the entire course together and show you exactly how target all of the audience segments of your website with creative ads on Facebook. You will see eight examples of how you can apply ad strategies to all of the audience segment types covered in Module #3.

This is a BRAND NEW training course.  It has not even been available long enough to receive testimonials from customers.  It is my goal that YOU become one of the first to share your success story, or a pleasant experience about your purchase.  It is for this reason that I am about to offer you a DEEP DISCOUNT on the cost of this course.

Social Retargeting Pro

The Complete Step-by-Step Course

Everything you need to know to start retargeting your website audience on Facebook!

7 Step-By-Step Training Modules

14 Training Videos (more coming)

  • Facebook Website Audience Retargeting 101
  • Getting Things Set Up!
  • Website Audience Overview & Management
  • Pixel Management for Multiple Websites
  • Creating & Targeting Lookalike Audiences
  • Targeting Your Audiences With Ads


As with all of our products we offer a "No Questions Asked" money back guarantee. We have an incredibly low refund rate because we always over deliver on value.  However if for any reason your purchase did not meet your expectation, simply send let us know and we will return every penny of your purchase.  Your satisfaction is our goal. 

Do I really need this course?

Email marketing is not enough!  Open rates average less than 18% across all industries.  Most other forms of marketing are designed to get people to your website the first time.  Retargeting gives you the best possible chance to bring prospects back for their first order, and customers back for their next order.  And the cost of retargeting your website visitors on Facebook is cheaper than just about any form of advertising AND it incredibly effective.

"It's like having a virtual list of every person that visits your website! "

No action is required on their part to join this list.  All that they need to do is show up to one or more of the pages on your website.  


Most businesses (including your competition) have not yet caught on, which gives you a significant marketing advantage. This advantage will soon go away as retargeting will become a standard practice for all businesses. 

The sooner that you get started, the greater the head-start you will have in your market.

"Audience Website Retargeting on Facebook allows you to create a personalized sales experience for each and every visitor to your website!  The days of redundant brute force marketing are over. With retargeting we can continue the sales conversation right where we left off.”

Social Retargeting Pro

The Complete Step-by-Step Course

Everything you need to know to start retargeting your website audience on Facebook!

7 Step-By-Step Training Modules

14 Training Videos (more coming)

  • Facebook Website Audience Retargeting 101
  • Getting Things Set Up!
  • Website Audience Overview & Management
  • Pixel Management for Multiple Websites
  • Creating & Targeting Lookalike Audiences
  • Targeting Your Audiences With Ads

P.S.: The cost of this course WILL go up.  The discounted price is for the first 100 people ONLY.  If you don't jump on this opportunity right now, chances are you will be missing out.